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Sifu David Lomax

Sifu Lomax has been in the martial arts since 1978. He was a collegiate wrestler in the mid 70’s up to 1978 when he first started training Shotokan Karate under Sensei Shiguru Takashina, in Miami Fl. Receiving his black belt in 1982, he continued his training throughout the 80’s. In 1989, Sifu Lomax relocated to NY and not only trained and taught karate, but also trained in the art of kick boxing and jujitsu. It was 1992 when he was introduced to Grand Master Shum Leung and Eagle Claw Kung Fu by good friend and later training brother, Master Joel Rodriguez of Atlanta Eagle Claw Kung Fu Center. Sifu Lomax found a great satisfaction and love for Eagle Claw Kung Fu. Since that day, Sifu Lomax started training with Grand Master Shum, and in 2005 he received his instructor certification and white sash in the Eagle Claw Kung Fu system.

Sifu Lomax has since dedicated his time and efforts to introducing the Eagle Claw Kung Fu system to his community. Because of Sifu Lomax’s years of experience in martial arts; he understands the importance of tradition and basic technique. His philosophy is to drill the basic fundamentals of the Eagle Claw system, not for tournament, but for any situation that might arise. Under Sifu Lomax, students will learn and understand the fundamental principles of Eagle Claw, joint manipulation, locks, and inside up close and personal fighting techniques.  Whether it is a street confrontation or the daily challenges of life, Eagle Claw is very beneficial.

Sifu Lomax besides an authorized Eagle Claw Kung Fu instructor, is also professional stunt man and actor. His career as a stunt man started in Miami FL. as a stunt man and later stunt double on the hit television series Miami Vice. He moved to New York to stay on the east coast closer to family, and found success in the film and television industry. His work includes Jacob’s Ladder, New York Under Cover, Juice, New Jack City, Dead Presidents, All About the Benjamins, Transporter II,  2 Fast 2 Furious, Miami Vice the Movie, Law Bidding Citizen, and the Bounty Hunter to name a few. More information about Sifu David Lomax's acting and stunt man career can be found on IMDB.com, the Internet Movie Database.


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Sifu Lomax is an authorized instructor of the Ying Jow Pai Kung Fu School Association under Grand Master Leung Shum. As a stunt person and martial artist with deep understanding of Kung Fu, Sifu Lomax knows the importance of the fundamental principles of Eagle Claw. He stresses all aspects of the system including, finger strikes, tornado kicks, side kicks, heel kicks, children classes, good health, confidence, traditional Chinese martial art, shaolin Kung Fu, mental acuity, rolling techniques, lion dance, forms, sparring, meditation, Self defense, fighting, weapons, empty hands, kicks, blocking, punches, palm strike, hanging hand, respect, training. Other components include Chinese martial arts, push hands, pushing hands, swords, kwon do, saber, knife, sticks, meditation, breathing, disciples, strength boxingjoint manipulation, locks, kicks, sweeps, forms, and inside up-close and personal fighting techniques, as well as numerous weapons, martial tumbling, and the more complex routines of the system, including two person sets. Sifu Lomax’s teaching style is to drill the basic fundamentals of the Eagle Claw system until they are instinctual movements in each student. Looking good for tournaments is not the goal–instead, the focus is gaining the ability to use skills for any situation that might arise, whether it is a street confrontation or the daily challenges of life. Eagle Claw training is very beneficial for all aspects of life. Come and join. Ying Jow Pai Kung Fu Center of Bloomfield, located in Essex county NJ, trains students in traditional northern Eagle Claw Kung Fu and Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan.